How to read text messages sent to another phone?

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We recognize the fact that we are highly dependent on technology for almost everything. We take advantage of texting to communicate with one another and stay connected with the world. However, the power of instant communication can be misused and the safety of your loved ones may be compromised unknowingly. There is a dire need to read text messages sent to another phone and ensure family safety. If you’re keen on finding out how to read someone’s text messages, you’ve come to the right place.

Why you need to read someone’s text messages?

There could various reasons why you need to read someone’s text messages. For instance, kids can engage in communication with strangers and be involved in dangerous activities. Parents need to check their text messages and prevent them from falling into the trap of scammers, bullies or predators. Similarly, you can see if your partner is sending illicit messages to another woman/man and make sure he is still faithful to you. Also, business owner can read text messages to ensure employees are not sharing confidential information with rivals.

read someone’s text messages

How to read someone’s text messages

When you do a Google search online, you can find various options available. They promise to work but do not. You are taken through a series of human verification and surveys and the end result is a lot of time wasted, without getting anywhere close to what you were looking for. That’s where Chamspy comes in handy.

Chamspy is a comprehensive spy app that keeps an eye on digital activities of target device. It is suitable for the needs of iPhone and Android users and you can install it in less than twenty minutes. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device. Once done, log in to your dashboard and read text messages.

This app works through its personalized dashboard, which opens in any web browser on any device. From here, you can read all sent, received and deleted text messages. You can check contact number, name, timestamp of each text made and picture. Thus, you’ll know who your kid or partner is chatting with and prevent unwanted communication.

comprehensive spy app

Other than that, it monitors all activities of social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram and more. You’ll be able to check messages, group chat, multimedia files shared on these messaging apps. If you find out any inappropriate activities, you can simply block certain apps.

Through its keylogger feature, Chamspy is able to record every keystroke on target device. It gives you access to shared messages, search phrases, username and much more. Parents can identify signs of digital dangers like online bullying, phishing, sexting and take preventative measures to protect kids. It’s also a great tool to catch a cheater. Business owner can utilize it to ensure employees are working properly.

Most messages monitoring fail to provide a completely secure way that can work without any chance of the phone owner finding out about it. However, Chamspy’s design runs in the background and leaves no digital traces. The person will never find out you are tracking his/her device.

Other ways to read someone’s text messages

As an alternative, you can read text messages sent to another phone with the help of Apple’s cloud messages sync feature. If the device is running with iOS 12 and above, you can actually enable this feature and access all data from another device. The only downside is that you need to know the person’s Apple ID and password. Here’s how you to do it:

Step 1. Go to Settings. Tap on the device name to access iCloud and Apple ID

Step 2. Under iCloud, move the slider in Messages

Step 3. Wait for the sync to complete

Apple’s cloud messages

If you’re not using an iPhone, you can resort to telecom provider. You can access old and deleted messages. However, some of them only provide a log file instead of actual content. If you want to check the actual content, you can contact the companies like Verizon. Steps to read text messages are as follows:

Step 1. Log in My Verizon page

Step 2. Go to Account > Text online

Step 3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 4. Click on the conversations and check the detailed messages

This method is only applicable if you have the target number and password. Moreover, some telecome providers do not allow access to text messages at all or may charge you for it.


Now you know about plenty of ways to read text messages sent to another phone, choosing your method is entirely up to you. Our highly-recommended choice is the spy app like Chamspy. It delivers guaranteed results and provides you with all necessary information.

Guessing doesn’t work. Chamspy does.
Ensure your peace of mind today
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Guessing doesn’t work. Chamspy does.
Ensure your peace of mind today
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