When I Spy On Text Messages Can The Person Who Owns The Phone Find Out?

One question that has popped up quite a few times is whether or not the person whose phone you want to spy on can figure out that you’re monitoring their phone. 

For obvious reasons, if you’re spying on someone’s cell phone you don’t want them to know that you are.  That would defeat the whole purpose!

If you’re monitoring someone’s phone then you want to see what they’re doing when they think that no one is watching.  If they know the phone is being monitored then they will “censor” the texts they send and change the way in which they would normally use their cell.

So the million dollar question is, is there any way for the person to know that their cell phone is being monitored?

As you know our favorite cell spying software is mobile spy………


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And this program is completely invisible when it’s installed on a cell phone, meaning that the answer to this question is a simple “NO!”

The person you are spying on won’t know that they are being watched….

The program is undetectable and there’s no sign of it on the phone itself.  This is what makes it so powerful!

Bottom online, being able to spy on a cell phone is the easiest way to find out what someone is doing and the technology makes it completely hidden.


When it comes to tools to hit the surveillance industry, I would say that cell phone spying software is the most revolutionary piece of technology to hit the market in years.  Not only does it let you spy on text messages without the person knowing, but you’re able to see everything else they do on the phone.

And this software is available to anyone, not just detectives or people that are involved in the surveillance industry.  The programs are generally very affordable (Mobile spy costs $50) and are programmed in a way that it’s simple enough for anyone to use.


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