Intercepting Text Messages Is Easy!


Intercepting text messages is the easiest way that I know of to discover what someone else is up to.  And even better, its SO easy to do!

There’s software that makes intercepting text messages simple without the person who owns the phone kwoing that it’s being used.

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How Intercepting Text Messages Can Be Easy!


There’s a software program called SpyBubble (there’s a link above) that makes intercepting text messages from any phone incredibly easy.

And it’s not just the person’s text messages that you’ll be able to see – you can see details on anything that the person does on their phone!


intercepting text messagesThis software is at the top of my list when it comes to cell phone monitoring programs – it gives you the power to see what anyone is doing on their phone.


So what does it do besides intercepting text messages?

To start, you’ll be able to see exactly who the person has called or who has called them.  You’ll see complete phone call logs.


On top of that you can look at their full contact list, see any pictures that are taken with the phone, see instant chat messages, look over web browsing and more.

And there’s even a GPS tracking feature that lets you look at a map and see where the phone is.  This is such a great tool – you’ll know where the person is at all times.

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Intercepting text messages without anyone knowing….


And SpyBubble is an undetectable software meaning that the person who uses the phone won’t know that it’s being used.  This is important since if someone knows that their phone is being monitored then obviously they might not use it in the same way that they normally would.

When this program is being used on the phone, it doesn’t show up anywhere on the phone – you can’t see it. 


Intercepting text messages lets you get an inside look at what someone is up to and get the answers you need!


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